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Most explosive devices are placed, not mailed. Therefore, our internal security plan provides procedures for both possibilities. Call Central Mail Operations at 334-353-0371 for a copy of a bomb threat check list.


If packages coming into the building have any of the following characteristics, they will be considered suspicious:

1. Excessive postage
2. Misspelled word(s)
3. Addressed to title only
4. Rigid or bulky
5. Badly typed or written
6. Fictitious, unfamiliar or no return address
7. Strange odor
8. Lopsided
9. Oily stains
10. Wrong Title with name
11. Protruding wires
12. Powdery substance on outside

The poster reprinted below details the procedures we follow if a package is considered suspicious.



The chances of receiving a mail bomb are remote. The chances are greater of receiving a telephoned bomb threat.

The following procedures are in place to deal with telephoned threats:

1. Keep the caller on the line, ask him or her to repeat the message several times while gathering other information such as caller ID information. Type the threat verbatim, using the caller's exact words. Do not hang up on the caller.
2. Ask the following questions of the caller:

    a. What kind of bomb is it?
    b. What does it look like?
    c. Where is it located?
    d. Can you give me the floor and office number?
    e. What will cause it to detonate?
    f. Many innocent people may get hurt. Why are you doing this?
    g. What is your name and address?
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